Our programmes are designed to provide the foundation needed for a career within an athletic or sport-related industry and ensure that you are fully prepared to enter your chosen profession in a growing industry. All programs are aligned to internationally recognised sports’ science services, management, administration, coaching and research and are written by specialists currently working in their respective fields.

Course programmes

All courses are QCTO, SETA and UMALUSI accredited programmes and are offered at NQF Level 3, 4, 5 and 6 and are:

  • Short Courses
  • Skills Programmes
  • Part Qualifications (QCTO)
  • Full Qualifications as FET Certificates, National Certificates and National Diplomas
  • Occupational Certificates (QCTO)
1 Sport
  Sport Administration
  Sport Management
  Golfing Management
  Advanced Sports and Recreation Management
  Sports and Recreation Manager: Events Management
  Sports and Recreation Manager: Team Management
  Sport Facility Management
  Sport Administration and Sport Club Administration
  Sport Coaching
  Sport Coaching Science
  Sport Specific Coaching
  Identify and Manage Talent
  Sports Life Skills
  Sports Volunteer
  Managing sports projects
2 Fitness
  Sports and Recreation – Fitness Leadership and Administration
  Sport Fitness
  General Fitness Practitioner
3 Physical Education
  Physical Education in Schools
  Physical Education administration
  Operational delivery of Physical Education in schools

SMART iQTM Toolkits, Grading and Certification



CATHSSETA Accreditation with the CATHSSETA for all sport and physical education training. SETA Accreditation No: 631/P/000271/2015 SERVICES SETA Accreditation with the SERVICES SETA for all sport management and service training not covered in CATHSSETA
SETA Accreditation No: 0660
ETDP SETA Programme approval with the ETDP SETA for various ETD Practitioner Programmes in the ETD environment.