The products include accredited and customized training courses in the form of short courses, skills programmes, qualifications, apprentice development, learnerships, internships and candidacy development across a wide array of sectors and industries.

QCTO, SETA and Customized Training

IOS is a leader in the vocational and occupational skills development sector and offers accreditation services, accredited training under the auspices of SAQA, QCTO, SETA’s and Umalusi. The training products are delivered through a combination of world-class learning methodologies, innovative approaches to training delivery coupled with a wide range of secondary delivery channels.

IOS also has a basket of non-accredited and industry aligned training programmes and designs customised programmes to suit clients’ specific needs.

Operations Guides and Playbooks

IOS designs and develops standardized operations guides and playbooks to ensure standardized implementation for large complex organisation with multiple outlets, membership institutions, franchisees and regional offices.

They are “how to” guides that support individual and organizational needs, guidance and performance. They are easy to flow and to apply in any work environment and are user-friendly with ready-to-use tools and other resources.

SMART iQTM Toolkits and Services

SMART iQ Toolkits and Grading Systems

A key part of IOS’ products is to complement skills development and capacity building of people (individual focus) with that of holistic organisational development.

It is centred around first designing an ISO-type organisation Quality Management index (QMI) in the form of a chart with performance indicators and grading levels. The end goal is to certify the organisation or practice and to issue a Green, Bronze, Silver and Gold Status Certificate.

The toolkits include the QMI grading index, performance improvement guidelines and customized and user-friendly tools and resources.